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Sir John Gilbert Kotze (~ 23 December 1849, Darling and named Johannes Gybertus Blankenberg Kotzé) was Judge President to Paul Kruger, President of the Zuid-Afrikaansche Republiek (Transvaal Republic) at the outbreak of the South African War 1899-1902. He, together with the rest of the High Court, was unceremoniously dismissed by Kruger following a dispute. He later sat as Judge President on the bench of the High Court of the Cape of Good Hope progressing to the Appeal Court still later. He married Mary Amelia Bell on 17 April 1872 in Holy Trinity Church, Clapham. He died in 1940. He was a cousin of Johannes Albertus Kotzee


An examination of “Die Doopsregistrasies van die Voortrekkers” [VC 752], specifically those of Ds. Linley at Winburg, Ds. W A Krige at Fauresmith and Dss. A Murray & P K Albertyn in Fauresmith (between 1841-1851), revealed no reference to Erasmuses nor Kotzees of this line. The Annual Advertiser 1867 makes no reference to a Kotzee holding any position of note within the town at that time.




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