INFORMATION RELATING TO FARMS MENTIONED IN VARIOUS DOCUMENTS IN RELATION TO THE FAMILY KOTZEE (KOTZé) OF WINBURG : including present day landmarks, registration numbers and magisterial districts


Death place of Gerhardus Petrus Kotzé

Address of Jacobus Kotzee when put in Brandfort Camp


To-day, Kareeboomfontein No.196 district Winburg (MR1)(MR2) and diminished in size.


In the Estate of  Salomon Jacobus Petrus Erasmus (E.771)


First distribution 9 January 1903; final and last 29 January 1906.

·         Allermanskraal  No. 46 district Winburg (3095 morgen)


Allermanskraal  No.46 district Winburg (MR2) today forms the western sector of the Willem Pretorius National Park, that sector that lies west north and south of the dam Allermanskraal Dam wall (built 1960).


·         Lekkerlewen No. 560 district Winburg (2900 morgen). Inherited half by Abel Hermanus Christiaan Erasmus and half by Johannes Marthinus Andries Erasmus E 381 (died 19 February 1900 in Laager Gen. Cronje, Battle of Paardenberg) and wife Catharina Elizabeth Erasmus (neé Oosthuÿhuizen) [O.310], both of Erf 186, Ventersburg


Lekkerlewen No.3 district Ventersberg (MR2). Its consolidation with Ventersrust and Mainreef formed a sizable continuum.



Mainreef No.376 district Ventersburg (MR2). Inherited by Salomon Jacobus Petrus Erasmus, to be passed on to his six children. A application to the Supreme Court dated 9 April 1907 asks for this bequest to be waived and permission granted for a sale as the property as “useless” and “without water”, for the Orphan Chamber to hold the money until a better property could be identified for purchase. From MR2 it is evident that the viability of running this farm diminished immensely once access to the Rietspruit was denied by its separation from Ventersrust



To-day, Taaibosch  No.43 district Winburg, now broken into Nos. 43, 1691 and Désirée 1653 (MR2) and originally continuous with Allermanskraal to the east. Diamond-bearing reef present.



Ventersrust No.325 district Ventersberg, later farmed by Jacobus Nicholas Potgietor (sic), husband of Hester Magdaline Erasmus and who, together with his mother-in-law Hester Susanna Erasmus (neé Oosthuÿhuizen) who had life-long usufruct on the farm, agreed to sell this with Mainreef to make a viable purchase for a future owner.


Owned by J J van den Bergh, neighbour

Kleinfontein, neighbouring farm to Ventersrust and Lekkerlewen. Land exchanged between JJ vd B and S J P Erasmus with regard to “London” (see below) to facilitate efficiencies, with a portion of “London” belonging to the estate and later needing consolidation with Ventersrust and Lekkerlewen.


To-day, Kleinfontein No.210 district Ventersberg (MR2), now Nos. 134 and 210(sic), neighbouring farm to Ventersrust and Lekkerlewen. Land exchanged between JJ vd B and S J P Erasmus (cadastral lines 36(6) London, 61 New York, 3 Paris, 136 unnamed) to facilitate efficiencies. These portions of the farms belonging to the estate later needed formal consolidation with Ventersrust and Lekkerlewen.


Owned by Gerhardus Cornelius Oosthuÿhuizen

“Nooitgedacht in district Winburg”


Nooitgedacht No.2 in district Winburg (MR2), owned by Gerhardus Cornelius Oosthuÿhuizen, northerly neighbour of Taaibosch, is now broken into No. 2 and No. 1483.


Owned jointly by Johannes Albertus Kotzee and Johanna Aletta Erasmus

* Afgunspan (1891) district Winburg

* Bultpan (1901)  No. 336 district Hoopstad (1200 morgen)


To-day, Bultpan No.336 district Wesselbron (MR3) and very much smaller in comparison to MR1.


Johannes Albertus Kotzee living here when declared insolvent in 1911/12

* Vrijheid  : P O Klippan district Hopetown


To-day, Vrijheid No.199 district Hopetown (MR3). Klippan No.410 district Hopetown, north of Doornbult and westerly subdivision of Doornplaat No.30. The post-office (post-restante) was open between 1904 and 1922 (MR1)(MR3).


Map references used in research at the offices of the Surveyors-General, Cape Town and Bloemfontein :

MR1 Hopetown, Boshoff, Winburg, Military Field Intelligence Dept, Cape Town 1900

MR2 No.2826 Winburg : Pretoria 1959

MR3 No.2726 Kroonstad : Pretoria 1966

MR4 No.2826 Winburg : Pretoria 1986